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Antiaging Medicine

Our Therapy Centre is the first of its kind in Mexico City. It combines the latest technological and and medical developments offering the most effective treatments that assure a radical improvement on the quality of life of our patients without using aggressive therapies. We offer: Antiaging Therapies, Pain Relieve Therapy, Genomic Medicine, Nutrition and Weight Control, Prevention and Treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, and we also provide safe and effective Therapies for Cancer Treatment.

According to the InCan (National Institute of Cancerology) in Mexico, 125,000 people die of cancer each year just in hospitals plus the patients who died in their homes and therefore were not counted on the statistic. As you can see, this figure is staggering and demonstrates the failure of Oncology when the dreaded chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery will not solve the problem. However, there are effective alternatives to prevent and combat the cancer that have no side effects improving the quality of life radically.

Finding alternatives to Cancer treatment is never easy, as many patients lose their hope when the conventional medicine fail on them and their household savings reduce significantly, while for others, finding an alternative is just impossible to achieve as they don’t believe there could be a more effective, generous, less costly treatment that could offer a real option to all those patients and to their families to cope with Cancer assuring a radical improvement on their quality of life.

Nutridelmar S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company engaged in the research, development and distribution of Phytomedicine, Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements that are useful in the prevention and treatment of degenerative and terminal diseases.

We offer serious, useful and responsible information about our products, their usage and scope in the treatment of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis and more. We offer free telephone counselling.
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